Lawren and Luis recently celebrated their love in a heart touching ceremony on a gorgeous private estate in Temecula, about an hour’s drive from San Diego. With the groom's family being largely Mexican and Mexican-American-- along with the mission-style architecture, the music selections, and the bilingual ceremony-- the tone of a multi-cultural and multi-faceted wedding was set from the beginning.

The Musical Roadmap

For the ceremony, classical guitar to set the right mood. For the cocktail hour, fun and familiar oldies while people mingled under the late-afternoon sun. For dinner, more live music, this time a guitar and violin duet playing boleros and bossa nova. And for dancing? Current Top 40 hits along with some rockin’ classic from the 1950’s to the present. And of course, a little of every kind of Latino music you could image-- from Billboard hits, to reggaeton, cumbia, banda, salsa, merengue, and yes, plenty of Mana. I mean, this wedding had everything!

You really don't see enough Lucha Libre masks at weddings these days, do you?

You really don't see enough Lucha Libre masks at weddings these days, do you?


Just after the cake cutting, the bride and groom managed to slip away for a few minutes to change their outfits. The DJ invited everyone to gather around the dance floor, and a minute later, Lawren and Luis bounded out to perform... a fully choreographed lindy-hop number. WTF??? It came out of left field, but they absolutely nailed it, and the crowd was left cheering, pumped up, and ready to get back on the dance floor.

Still Not Done

It's the end of the night, and everyone is spent. The last song comes to a close, and the lights come up. But wait! The crow demands one last song. So the DJ fires up one last one and within minutes, there is a conga line parading across the patio, around the pool, and back onto the dance floor! Yep, these people know how to have a good time.

Lawren and Luis’s perfect medley of a wedding had a little bit of everything for everyone present, and all in the most gorgeous, fairytale setting that they could have dreamt of. But at the heart of it all was an amazing, diverse crowd who came together to celebrate their love... and have a whole lot of fun doing it.


Congrats, Lawren & Luis!