Wendy & Elliott: LION'S SONG

Wendy and Elliot made it clear when they first contacted us that their wedding would not be a traditional one. They wanted to keep things as simple and low-key as possible without sacrificing the elegance of a traditional wedding. And I've got to admit that's exactly what they got. Here's how they did it...

Keeping it Simple

A little dinner music

A little dinner music

As you might expect, the first step was keeping the guest list as small as possible, while not leaving out the most important family and other loved ones. The venue was the rooftop patio of a small and stylish office building in Little Italy (next to downtown here in San Diego).

The ceremony brought a whole new meaning to simplicity. First of all, there were no seats-- guests merely stood gathered around, cocktail in hand.  And second, no wedding party!  Wendy was escorted in by her son, and the officiant got right to work, with any obviously well-prepared, very personalized ceremony. 

The reception followed suit in keeping things casual and straightforward, too. There was no DJ; just a single musician to provide pleasant but lively background music during dinner and socializing. 

Keeping it Classy

The wedding still oozed elegance and class, though. Like any other wedding with a little flair and sass, the bride was escorted down the aisle by her son, with the wedding itself officiated by a professional. After exchanging fairly traditional vows, everyone was treated to a amazing meal. A chef-friend of the groom whipped up the 12-course, mouth-watering delicacies (yes, TWELVE!). Then came the first dance and a few toasts, which were really the only "traditional" wedding reception activities-- no bouquet toss, no formal cake cutting, etc. 

In a word, chic. The food, the decor and everyone in formal wear ensured that this casual affair was still a very special evening indeed.

Wrapping Up

What an experience, right? They ended up creating a relaxed, intimate gathering with close friends and family without breaking the bank. Nonetheless, there were enough fancy elements included that their guests still felt they were part of something special. If ever there were a wedding that managed to hit all the marks and still keep the budget low, this was it.

Congrats, Wendy & Elliott!