But it's my day!... isn't it?

Well... sorta.

First of all, yes, this is your wedding day-- the day you've been dreaming about and planning, perhaps since you were young-- and if ever there were a day that the world should put you on a pedestal and cater to your every whim, this is it. HOWEVER... It is also a day when you've requested your dearest loved ones-- often traveling long distances-- to witness your marriage and shower you with gifts, in exchange for which you provide them with a feast and a rockin' party.  So just keep that in mind for a few aspects of your event planning.

The timeline: keep it movin'

Keeping the pace flowing is important, not just because you have a lot to get to and you don't want to have to be packing everything in at the end, but also because your guests are sitting at their tables through everything, and they'll start to get antsy, run out of steam, or both. So listen to your DJ or coordinator if they say you should move things along, like if you're taking too much time visiting tables at the end of dinner.

Pictures of a party or a party for the pictures?

Smile, everyone! This sucker's going right on ye olde Instagram. #sovintageithurts

Smile, everyone! This sucker's going right on ye olde Instagram. #sovintageithurts

Pictures of your wedding day are really important.  They may be the only mementos of the day you'll keep forever, along with the butter knife that will hide in the back of your kitchen drawer.  But are they worth letting the whole day be dictated by them?  We see a lot of weddings where every moment seems choreographed for the sake of getting the perfect shot, making otherwise special moments feel less genuine.  We've even seen the bouquet toss or the kiss at the end of the first dance re-enacted because the photographer didn't get it just right the first time.  Only you can decide the balance to strike between enjoying the moment and preserving the moment, but make sure you do think about it and make sure you do communicate your thoughts to your photographer.


You love 90s grunge.  Nevermind and Ten are on constant rotation at your house.  Obviously, you want to share a part of yourself with your wedding guests, so it's only fitting that we hear nothing but that sweet Seattle sound from start to finish, right? Um... maybe not. A wedding reception dancefloor has to cater to a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and in order to keep as many of them happy-- or even just to loosen them up at the beginning-- some of it is going to be cheesy.  Yeah, that's right, I said it.  There's a reason why you always hear Billie Jean, Mambo No. 5 and The Cupid Shuffle at weddings: because they work!  So if you have any deal breakers (YMCA and the Macarena come to mind), communicate that clearly to your DJ, but be prepared to embrace a little cheese and save the musical snobbery for the after-party.

Wrapping Up

So fear not-- it IS still your day.  But like everything in life, a balance must be struck.  In this case, it is a balance between your own selfish fairytale fantasy (I mean that in a good way) and a fun day of dress-up and dancing for your guests.  And if you can strike that balance, you'll have the wedding that people talk about for years to come. Happy marrying!

It's my day or the highway.  Any questions?
It's my day or the highway. Any questions?