Kari & David: THE GUITAR

Tom Ham's Lighthouse
Tom Ham's Lighthouse

Most brides and grooms work really hard on making their wedding day classy and elegant, but if they're not careful, they might end up doing almost too good of a job! So we love any time a couple manages to "loosen up" what could otherwise have been a beautiful but stiff atmosphere, and that's exactly what Kari and David did recently at Tom Ham's Lighthouse in San Diego. With the traditional church ceremony and a beautiful reception location overlooking the San Diego harbor and its downtown skyline, they already had all the elegance and class they needed. But check out these little touches they added for just the right amount of reality in their fairy tale.

Sign Our... Guitar???


Most wedding couples have a guestbook for guests to sign, and more and more that guestbook is replaced with something that people might actually look at in the future-- usually a framed picture of the couple.

But Kari and David being such music lovers, and David himself being a musician, they opted for a guitar! The dark wood finish gives it a warm feel and contrasts perfectly with the silver marking pens. A totally unique idea, it's also going to be a great bit of decor for any room in their home.


Roses? Tulips? Orchids? Too obvious. The sunflower motif added a touch of simplicity to the overall style. And of course they matched perfectly with the San Diego sunshine pouring through those big windows.


With both David and Kari members of the military, as were many of the guests, they found a few ways to represent that side of themselves without it becoming too much. First of all, how awesome is that cake topper?! And then the POW/MIA table by the door was a gentle but powerful reminder of those who couldn't be with us.


Let Loose!!!


Nothing balances out an evening of formalities like a night of good ol' rockin' out, and that's exactly what they did. Once the toasts and parent dances were finished and the DJ started up the dance music, Kari and David were the first ones on the floor, and that let everyone else know right away that it was time to party.

Congrats, Kari & David!

Venue: Tom Ham's Lighthouse (San Diego, CA)

Coordinator: Julie Scrivener, The Best Wedding For You

Photographer:  Photo by Chana & Don

Live Music: Greg Shibley, G Sharp Entertainment

DJ: Greg Shibley, G Sharp Entertainment