Mt. Woodson Castle

Located just off highway 67, Mt. Woodson Castle is connected with the Mt. Woodson Golf Club in Ramona, CA, about a half hour outside San Diego.  We've done a lot of weddings there the last few years, and it's always a pleasure to drive through those gates and see that beautiful "castle" in the distance.


What We Like About It

Iman Rosario: venue manager and wedding coordinator extraordinaire

Iman Rosario: venue manager and wedding coordinator extraordinaire

  • It's got Castle in the name!  That's enough for us right there.  Yes, we know it's not really a castle, but that magnificent stone building-- with its lush green surroundings and old wood interior-- transports you to another time.  If you want your wedding to have that magical, fairy tale feel, this is your venue.
  • The grounds are laid out in a way that gives you plenty of options, depending on your vision, with several areas that can serve as ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner sites.  And each one is surrounded by pine and oak trees, lush green lawns and, most days of the year, clear blue skies.
  • The staff at Mt. Woodson is top notch.  Iman and her team are responsive, helpful, and somehow always cheerful!  And unlike many venues that offer "day of coordinating" that turns out to be little more than lining up the wedding party for the ceremony and handing you a copy of the standard floorplan, Iman does the whole nine yards, just like a independently hired coordinator would.
  • All catering is by Personal Touch Dining, so the food is consistently high quality.  And because they're in-house, they have very efficient systems for both preparation and service.

Something To Watch Out For

The layout often requires dinner to be outside but dancing inside, which imposes certain restrictions on your timeline.  That usually means toasts are done at the end of dinner, and then everyone needs to be ushered inside for your first dance and parent dances (and open dancing!).

Of course, that's not the end of the world, but it is a limitation you can't really get around, so you have to make sure its done fairly quickly so as not to disrupt the flow of the evening.  Luckily the in-house team do this every weekend, so you're fine there, but make sure your DJ and coordinator are ready to help out, too.  And anyway, once you do get everyone inside and get those special dances done, you already have everyone gathered around the dancefloor and ready to boogie.  Bonus!

Pics Or It Didn't Happen