Nicole & Lawrence: THE BLACKOUT

Is there anything that could actually ruin your wedding day?  I  don't mean like a zombie attack or anything, but realistic things, like rainclouds rolling in right before the ceremony, or the caterer not showing up, or the coordinator getting drunk (all of which we've actually seen happen!). And if something like that did happen, what you would do?  How would you handle it?

The Big Blowout

Nicole and Lawrence were having the perfect wedding day.  A gorgeous rustic venue, perfect weather, live classical guitar music for the ceremony, with a dear friend officiating.  Then, a lively cocktail hour with drinks and photobooth fun, followed by a delicious dinner and heartfelt toasts.

As the sun went down and it was time to open up the dancefloor, the crowd was ready to go!  But then, around twenty minutes in (right in the middle of the Cupid Shuffle, no less!), the power went out. And I mean, ALL the power.  Music, lights, everything.  The entire property.  The only light was from the single tea candles in the centerpieces; the only sounds were of people saying "What the..."

Although sort of funny at first, it was soon obvious that neither the lights nor the music was coming back on.  People started grabbing their coats and fishing for their keys.

Dancing in the Dark

Okay, so how would you react?  I've got to say, Nicole and Lawrence handled it really well.  They basically shrugged it off and said they'd at least had a good day up until then. But they were definitely in shock and surely a little disappointed that everything had ended so abruptly and that people were leaving.

Luckily, they had a good team.

Their coordinator Elisa, after determining there was nothing more she could do regarding power, was very supportive to the couple, and also cheerfully encouraged guests to stick around.  Meanwhile, her assistants scoured the property for every candle they could find.

I still had my battery-powered PA system from the ceremony, and although I couldn't plug in the DJ gear, I could plug in the guitar and a microphone to keep a little light background music going.  

And perhaps most impressive of all was Brian Kent, their photographer (ABM Photography). He managed to work within the limitations to get some of the most unique wedding photos, even using someone's car headlights to amazing effect (see photo below).

So it wasn't the wedding reception they'd had in mind, but thanks to a solid team and a great attitude, Nicole and Lawrence still had a very special evening that they and their guests will never forget.

Congrats, Nicole & Lawrence!

Seriously, how awesome is that?

Venue: The Ranch at Bandy Canyon (Escondido, CA)

Coordinator: Elisa Suter, Events by Elisa

Photographer: Brian Kent, ABM Photography

Photo Booth: Mobile Photo Booth

Live Music: Greg Shibley, G Sharp Entertainment

DJ: Greg Shibley, G Sharp Entertainment