Some Questions to Ask Your DJ

Here's a great article we came across recently with a few essential questions to ask your DJ. I'm sure there are at least a few that you haven't thought of yourself yet. Check it out: Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

There are a lot of lists out there like this one, of course.  Most of them, though, are focused almost entirely on music to get people dancing, keeping the dancefloor packed and, well, stuff about dancing.  That's fine and all, but the portion of your timeline devoted to open dancing is probably only about two hours out of a total of six or seven.  Doesn't anyone care about what the DJ is doing for the rest of that time?

So I was glad to see some attention paid in the above article to things like attire and familiarity with the venue, but I think it could have (and should have) gone a little farther.  For example, there isn't a single mention of the ceremony-- including music selections, timing, or microphones and other audio equipment.

Keep an eye out for a blog post from us where we'll give our take on what you should ask your DJ.  But still check out that article we linked to, and then let us know what you think: what other questions or concerns do you have for a potential wedding DJ?  Or, what typical questions do you actually feel aren't all that important?