Some of your wedding vendors need to change...

...their clothes! After all, it's a wedding.  Every person working at a wedding while guests are around-- whether a photographer, a coordinator or a waiter-- should at least blend in.  That is, everyone should be dressed at least as well as the average guest.

And yet, I'm constantly amazed at how some of my fellow wedding vendors show up dressed for work.

What someone is going to wear is rarely a question any bride or groom ever asks when in the initial stages of hiring their team.  But isn't that something you should care about?  I mean, if you spend so much time (and money!) on every other aesthetic decision-- from tablecloths to flowers to the bridesmaids' shoes to the position of your sweetheart table relative to the sunset through the windows-- shouldn't it matter to you whether your wedding coordinator is going to be walking around in a tube top and yoga pants?

And that's hardly an exaggeration.  It's as if some vendors think they're invisible and no one is going to notice they look like they're hanging out at a keg party.  Or maybe it's just that some people have been in the business too long and have forgotten that it's not "just a job" for everyone else in the room.

In my experience, to be totally honest, photographers are the worst.  If you're lucky, the average wedding photographer will show up in a solid black t-shirt and his nicest cargo pants.  Whenever I ask them about it, they usually give some excuse about how physical their job is and how a dress shirt would be too restrictive.  Yeah, right!  I've yet to see a photographer more active in the course of a wedding than a DJ or a server, but somehow they aren't given the same pass.  And the bottom line is: the clients are paying you very well for this, buddy... so you can afford a pair of slacks.

Fortunately, not all of them are like that.  We know many photographers in San Diego who not only produce high quality work but also know how to present them professionally.  If you'd like some names, we're happy to give them to you.  just ask! :)

Me, I ALWAYS wear a suit, unless the clients specifically requests otherwise (like when they are having a beachy wedding and want to maintain a very informal vibe).

But ultimately, it's up to you.  So if this is something you value but just haven't thought about until now, maybe you should send off a quick email to all your vendors asking about what they will be wearing on your wedding day.