Current Clients

+ How do we access the online planning tools?

Assuming you’ve already booked us and submitted both your deposit and signed agreement, you can log in to your account through the Client Resources page. In most cases, your password is your first name, all lower case.

+ When do we need to have all of our information submitted?

You should have all the online forms competed and submitted to us by one week before your event date. Although you can still make changes or additions after that point, we can’t guarantee that we can accommodate them on shorter notice.

+ Our venue needs insurance certificates from all of our vendors. Can you provide that?

This is very common and not at all a problem. Usually, your venue contact would send us an email with the information they need to see on the certificate, and we send it over within 24 hours.


+ I’ve seen a wide range of prices among different DJs. Why shouldn’t I just go for the cheapest one? Is there really a difference?

It’s easy to get some basic gear, download some music, and call yourself a DJ. But a real pro has high-end equipment, puts in the time to be thoroughly prepared, and has enough experience to provide a valuable service.
A cut-rate DJ either can’t offer all that, or else won’t stay in business very long.
As with most things in life, you really do get what you pay for.

+ Why do you charge more for weddings than other events?

We are fully aware that many vendors– not just DJs, but also caterers, florists, venues, etc.– love to jack up their prices once they hear the word “wedding”. We went a long time trying to have one set price, no matter the occasion, but the fact is that weddings just require a lot more work than other events, both in preparation and execution. On average, we put in 4-6 more hours preparing for a wedding than any other type of party.
Instead of raising the overall price for any event, it seems more fair to us to incorporate the cost of the extra work into a separate “wedding” price.

+ Are any discounts available?

We offer several discounts, based on certain factors, including date of the event, military membership, and several others. There are also discounts for referrals from certain vendors and venues.
Please call for more information and to see if any discounts apply to you.


+ We’re thinking of just loading an mp3 player with music for our wedding reception. Why should we hire a DJ?

Ah, yes, the “ipod wedding”. It’s a tempting way to cut the wedding budget, but there are probably a few things you’re not considering.

  • It’s one thing to have a lot of music to play, but do you have a good enough sound system? What works in your living room probably won’t work at a wedding reception, where there is a bigger space to fill and there is a lot of crowd noise to compete with.
  • Are you really going to take the time to put the music in a particular order? And when the timing of the evening goes differently than you planned? Or worse, are you going to just put it on shuffle and hope for the best? What about the special songs of the evening like the father-daughter dance, the cake cutting music, and others? Who is going to cue all those up?
  • And that’s just the music aspect. Your ipod will not be making announcements or moving the evening along through its various stages; it won’t be providing lights for the dancefloor; and it certainly won’t be taking requests.
    In short, having a DJ and emcee gives your wedding a more polished, personal and celebratory atmosphere. Ipods are for everyday use; DJs are for special occasions.

+ Do your DJs also emcee the event and keep thngs on track with the timeline?

That is actually one of the most important parts of what we do. Whether or not their is a coordinator (and we almost always recommend getting at least a day-of, if your budget can possibly allow it), we'll keep the evening moving along not only by making announcements, but also by communicating with the other vendors and the client. Except for those last couple hours of open dancing, you'll rarely see your DJ stuck behind the DJ booth for very long! Our whole goal is for you to feel relaxed and confident that we are taking care of things, so that you can just enjoy yourself.

+ What happens if our DJ suddenly can’t make it to our wedding?

First of all, it would have to be a pretty extreme situation for your DJ to miss the wedding, or any event for that matter. However, emergencies and tragedies are a part of life, so it is a good idea to have a plan. Luckily, we have several DJ in-house and we know many more in town whom we trust. In any case, it would be a matter of a few phone calls before we got it figured out. And since we keep your planning forms in your online client portal, getting all the necessary information to a replacement DJ is as easy as a single email.


+ How many copies are printed?

From each session that your guests do, there will be either one 4×6 print or two 2×6 prints. If it’s the latter, you can decide whether both prints go to the guests or just one to them and the other to you.
We also offer the option of keeping a memory book, where our attendant would hand one print to your guests and insert the other copy in a beautiful, customized guest book, where your guests can then leave a handwritten note for you next to their picture.

+ Can we get digital copies of all the photos?

Of course. Our photo booth team will either send give you a thumb drive with all your photos, or else send you a link where you can access them online. In some cases, they can even get them to you before you leave at the end of the evening.